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Australian Digital Infrastructure Week: Revisiting the foundations of the digital world

Emerging digital ecosystems are not just about technologies and infrastructure but about business and social outcomes.   

The digital world is now evolving faster than anticipated and with far greater business and social impact. According to the World Economic Forum, US$100 trillion will be added to the world’s economy by 2025. By 2026, it is estimated that the digital economy will account for 20% of global GDP. 

This is creating higher than predicted levels of data to the extent of raising concern as to how and where it will be managed, and how also, the undoubted value of that data can be delivered intact. This is not simply a matter of technology but of business survival and prosperity.

This is why W.Media is  launching the Australian Digital Infrastructure Week. The Week will present, discuss and show the technologies, processes and infrastructure that will enable organisations to plan for the decisions which will need to be taken in order to chart a course to meet upcoming business challenges and opportunities. 

To do this requires an in-depth view of the emerging situation from a number of relevant perspectives and the Australian Digital Infrastructure Week will include four separate and focused events:

  • On Tuesday 10th September: Outsourcing Futures 2024

  • On Wednesday 11th September: The Infrastructure Masons Sydney Digital Infrastructure Week Social

  • On Thursday 12th September: The BICSI South Pacific Event 

  • On Thursday 12th September:  The W.Media Sydney Cloud and Datacenter Convention.


Each of these events is geared for the leaders and decision makers in the respective IT, telecommunications, networking, datacenter, cloud and enterprise sectors.

The week will start with the inaugural Outsourcing Futures event which will take an in-depth and analytic look at outsourcing options and decisions now and into the future. The keynotes and panels will be delivered by recognised experts in the key questions under consideration and will be supported by workshops and interactive debate sessions.

The week will be marked also by events hosted by two leading professional associations  – the Infrastructure Masons’ Sydney Digital Week Social (on Wednesday 11th September)  and by BICSI South Pacific (on Thursday 12th September).    

On Thursday 12th September the Week will conclude with the W.Media Sydney Cloud and Datacenter Convention.  This Convention is being held as Sydney accelerates in terms of its facility capacity and also in terms of its reach as an ever-more important hub in the booming Asia Pacific datacenter region. The programme will look at the challenges this continuing growth brings in terms of resources, sustainability and performance as well as at some of the management and tech solutions and the opportunities growth creates for Sydney in terms of business and social outcomes.

Further details of the Australian Digital Infrastructure Week and of each of the Week’s component events can be found at

[Author: Nick Parfitt]

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